Greg Rademacher

President and Principal Geologist

E: grademac@windstream.net

P: 814.720.1212

Greg has 32 years of experience conducting all aspects of geologic and hydrogeologic consulting projects for a variety of municipal, industrial, and commercial clients. He has extensive experience with groundwater development, feasibility studies, hydrogeologic evaluations, and well evaluations. He also has substantial experience managing projects and working with regulatory agencies to ensure the client’s objectives are met on time and on budget.


• Specializes in groundwater development projects for municipal, commercial and industrial clients needing high capacity groundwater supplies.

• Proven ability to work extensively with local, state and federal regulations and agency personnel.

• Provides hand on experience in all aspects of project management, including scheduling, logistics, and personnel management.

• Resourceful, hard working individual with strong leadership capabilities.

• Ability to direct complex projects from concept to completion.

• Former corporate vice president and operations manager responsible for division level management of regional consulting firm.


• Completed feasibility study and designed a municipal groundwater well field within a delisted Superfund site immediately adjacent to an active Superfund site.

• Development a complete relocation of municipal well field including all test well drilling, production well drilling, and well completion activities.

• Designed a innovative process to open, clean, and properly plug wells in flooded coal mine without allowing acid mine water to be released into the environment


B. A., Geology, Allegheny College, 1980

OSHA 40­-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Training

OSHA 8-­Hour Supervisor Training

OSHA 8­-Hour Annual Refresher


Licensed Professional Geologist, Pennsylvania PG000467G

PA Licensed Well Driller

PA Certified Water System Operator ­Class A


Water Supply Development

• Conducted a hydrogeologic evaluation for a municipal client. Selected test well locations and conducted test well drilling in three phases. New well field is being developed in a delisted Superfund site immediately adjacent to an active Superfund site. Conducted all soil borings, test well drilling, pump tests (48 & 72 hour), and production well design and installation. Also provided and installed new well pumps for 4 of 5 existing Borough wells. Pumps range from 100 gpm to 450 gpm.

• Prepared a pre­drilling plan for submission to PADEP. Selected test well sites for the Borough and provided test well drilling and pump testing of a 500 gpm well. This is the first phase of developing a new well field to replace an old well field. Also provided the Borough with well service on existing wells.

• Evaluated spring source for a bottling company. The source yield had diminished to 20 gpm, well below what was needed for demand. Recommended remedial action to rehabilitate the source. Conducted rehabilitation and brought the source to a yield over 100 gpm. Provided all equipment and services necessary to complete the project.

• Conducted a diminished yield evaluation for a sole source well for a 150­unit apartment complex. Provided the well service rig and recommended well rehabilitation to increase well yield to sufficient quantities to meet system demands.

• Evaluated spring source for a bottling company. The source yield had diminished to 20 gpm, well below what was needed for demand. Recommended remedial action to rehabilitate the source. Conducted rehabilitation and brought source to a yield over 100 gpm. Provided all equipment and services necessary to complete the project.

• Provided geologic consulting services and well sitting for a 100­unit mobile home park. Conducted pumping tests and well yield determination. Provided a hydrogeologic report and well permitting services.

• Conducted extensive hydrogeologic evaluations of 4 wells at an industrial plant and corporate office building. Water quality was above standard for arsenic and the facility was under order from PADEP to correct the problem.

• Conducted pilot testing of the remedial treatment technologies. Made recommendations to facility and provided consulting service for permit preparation. Provided and installed arsenic removal equipment in the plant to meet drinking water standards and the consent order timeline.

• Conducted an evaluation study on an existing well for a municipal water system to determine if the yield of existing wells could be improved to meet system demands. The system utilized 10 wells to provide demand of 100 gpm. Located and designed a new production well in an existing well field. Drilled and completed the new well with a yield of 250 gpm to replace all other existing wells.

• Provided hydrogeologic consulting services for 80­unit mobile home park to address water system problems. The park well had elevated arsenic and a second source was needed to meet demand. Conducted pump test and well evaluation for a second well and provided permit preparation. Conducted a pilot test for arsenic treatment on the existing well and submitted the permit application for treatment technology.

• Utilized several existing wells at a major beef packing plant in order to meet water demands. Wells were experiencing diminished yield and plant expansion was curtailed. Conducted a hydrogeologic study to locate a potential new well field. Selected test well sites and installed 3 wells that ultimately yielded 3250 gpm. Obtained a groundwater withdrawal permit from SRBC.

• Conducted an evaluation of existing groundwater supplies that provide water for the campus of Saegertown Jr./Sr. High School, Saegertown Elementary School, and the administrative office of the Penncrest School District. Located and installed a new groundwater supply well to replace two existing wells that were not able to meet demand.

• Conducted a geologic and hydrogeologic study to determine the feasibility of developing a groundwater supply for a new PA DOC prison. The study was conducted to assure that the water would be available for facility to secure state funding for the project.

• Provided a well and pump evaluation, and rehabilitation for RAINEY collector which is located along Allegheny River. The collector provided over 10 million gallons of water per day for water authority.

• Conducted a well site selection study for a municipal client. Provided and installed the new well to augment two existing borough wells.

• Provided well service and an evaluation to a municipal client to define and correct diminished well yield for 1 of 2 Water Authority wells. The well yield had dropped to less than 50% of normal. The well was returned to service at 100% (150 gpm).

Garrett Rademacher


E: rademag58@gmail.com

P: 412.523.5707

Garrett is a geologist with experience in conducting emergency response field activities, drilling and installation of monitoring wells, field sampling activities, groundwater elevation contour and isoconcentration mapping, trend analyses, well logs, and construction details.


• Extensive experience in sampling environmental media including, groundwater, soil, soil vapor, and indoor air.

• Skilled with various field equipment including transducers, PIDs, water level meters, and various water analysis meters.

• Proficient in data reduction and interpretation in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe, as well as various well log construction softwares.

• Experienced in environmental-media contaminant modeling programs (i.e. Quick Domenico, and Mann-Kendall).

• A strong understanding of remedial processes and equipment as well as a knowledge of regulatory programs and compliance requirements.


• Experienced with appropriate drill rig selection, monitoring well placement, installation, and development. Oversight of field activities including UST closures, remedial excavations, remedial system installations, enhanced bioremediation injection events, groundwater pumping tests, and emergency response activities.

• Assisted in conducting various Phase I and II environmental site assessments and emergency response activities for both retail petroleum and the oil and gas fields.

• Provided project coordination and communication between clients, sub-contractors, state regulators, and other third party affiliates in both the retail petroleum and oil and gas fields.

• Coordinated and managed numerous remedial excavations associated with oil and gas sites.


B. A., Geology, Allegheny College, 2006

OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training

OSHA 8-Hour Annual Refresher

American Red Cross First Aid Certification

American Red Cross CPR Certification

Transportation Worker Identification Credential


Licensed Professional Geologist, Pennsylvania PG005216


Emergency Response

• Provided oversight for emergency response field activities for an approximate 40,000-gallon oil spill, which impacted the surrounding subsurface as well as tributaries. Multiple federal, state, and local regulatory authorities were involved on the project. Responsible for the initial environmental assessment included around the clock activities for delineation and clean-up of contaminated soils, groundwater, and surface water.

• Served as a Project Hydrogeologist for a gasoline release from an 8-inch diameter interstate petroleum transmission pipeline. Approximately 12,000 gallons of gasoline were released under pressure, covering on acre of a land, including several restaurants, a strip mall, as well as a popular fishing stream. Multiple regulatory entities were immediately involved including: several divisions of the PADEP, the PA Fish and Boat Commission, PennDOT, the local watershed authority, and the local municipality. Managed data collection, reduction, and interpretation of soil, groundwater, soil gas and indoor air quality data, and vapor monitoring data. Conducted the field data collection, task management, budget tracking, and report preparation for the site characterization and remediation processes.

• Supported several large-scale emergency response operations, which included coordination with client, sub-contractors, and state and federal regulators.Environmental Sampling and Monitoring

• Oversaw the drilling and installation of 15 monitoring wells within an active oil refinery. The project involved managing the drill rig and their crew, logging wells, acquiring necessary safety permits, and safety oversight. Provided coordination between various divisions within the refinery (i.e. environmental remediation, safety coordination) to ensure project was completed in a timely and safe manner.

• Conducted field sampling activities at numerous retail petroleum facilities, including bulk storage sites, and refineries.

• Provided oversight of drilling and well installation activities in high profile locations (i.e., oil refineries and bulk storage facilities).

• Prepared project deliverables including groundwater elevation contour and isoconcentration mapping, trend analyses, well logs, and construction details.

• Provided field support for a groundwater development company. Collected groundwater monitoring data for municipal clients.

• Managed and compiled well logs for the formation of a three dimensional glacial deposit map of the Meadville 7 1/2 minute USGS topographic quadrangle. Field work associated with locating wells and collecting GPS data for each well within the study area.